A Extended Search Filter for WordPress

Although WordPress has become a rich and powerful Content Management System with a lot of features one main feature was still missing: a powerful WordPress search filter. With “Profi Search Form” you can now easily create powerful search forms for your WordPress System!

Create your own search filter by drag & drop!


Highlight Search Results
When you perform a fulltext search the matching phrases get highlighted.

Define, what contents are searched: The Title, The Content, The Excerpt.

Range Slider
Realise easily a search, where your client can choose a specific price range. Works for all numeric Postmeta Values, so also for values like city population, year, square meters, number of persons etc.

Order by
Let the visitor decide, by which values he wants to order his search results. Every Postmeta value as well as the post date are possible to use by the “Profi Search Form”-orderby-mechanism.

Map Search
You have Blogposts, which have attached Latitudes and Longitudes? For example, you run a website with rental houses? Create a map search and your visitor can limit search results easily to an area, by defining an rectangle on a Google map.

Limit Search results to Categories
Create select-fields, checkboxes or radioboxes to limit your search results to specific Categories, Tags, Custom Taxonomies or Postmeta Values.

Powerful Template Engine
Decide, how the search results will be shown. You can enrich the search results by showing the Terms and Postmeta-Values, which are also accessible through the search in order to give a quick and easy overview.

Minimum and Maximum
You have for example rental houses with one, two, three... rooms? Give it a search! Find only rental houses with more than 3 bedrooms!

You already have the data! Use your Custom Fields and Taxonomies to do the job!

How it works

The basic principle is easy. While WordPress only uses the content of a blogpost for its search, Profi Search Form uses all the data, you attach to a post. That might be prices, additional texts, categories, weight & length, colors, rating and so on. These values are saved either in Custom Fields or as Taxonomies. And this is the data, Profi Search Form works with.

To realize a search form, you just have to pass three simple steps:

  1. Choose the Post Type, Custom Fields & Taxonomies you want to use.
  2. Define a template (or use the default one), by which the search results will be displayed.
  3. Choose the different search form types, you want to use: Select Boxes, Input fields, Check- and Radioboxes, Rangeslider and others are included

After this, you just decide, wether you want to include the search as a widget or as a shortcode.

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What others say


This plugin will get your WordPress search functionality and usability to a higher level. Your WooCommerce store will become so much easier to use and your customers will have a better experience searching the product they need.


Great plugin! Works awesome!

topovski (client)

Great Plugin! The sort range slider option is great and everything was super easy to configure and start using!

Bloggin Inside

Profi Search Form von websupporter ist ein clever umgesetztes Filter Plugin, welches es nun vollkommen unkompliziert macht, Suchen auf der eigenen WordPress-Seite zu präsentieren

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